University and College Tutoring

Calgary Tutoring Centre offers professional tutoring and coaching services to students in university or college. We take pride in our ability to effectively match students with their ideal tutor based on their individual needs. While focusing on your (the student's) current curriculum, assignments and homework, our tutors address and expand upon fundamental concepts. We teach you how to apply these concepts to current and changing problems; therefore, preparing you for ongoing academic and future career success. Our tutors also help you prioritize learning by teaching you new study habits and organizational skills, which in turn maximizes your learning potential.

We understand what it's like to transition from high school to university or college where subject material is more intense, as it delves deeper into higher-level theories and applications. Your responsibilities also increase, which may contribute to higher stress levels. We encourage you to have fun during the learning process as it helps reduce stress and nourishes motivation, which is key to your success. Soon you will recognize an increase in your self-confidence and a more positive approach to learning, engaging and retaining complex material.

Becoming an independent thinker is an exciting path as you realize you can effectively solve problems and see beyond the situation at hand. Our goal is for you to enjoy learning and to provide you with the skills and mindset required to approach problems effectively and to help you excel today, tomorrow and in the future.